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Creation 2021

Flûtes en fugue 2.0
New transcriptions of JS Bach major works

After the success of the first opus Flûtes en fugue, Consort Brouillamini sets off on an adventure and offers you new transcriptions of Bach and Vivaldi for this brand new program Flûtes en fugue 2.0

Flûtes en fugue
New transcriptions of JS Bach major works

Through this program fully made of transcriptions of Jean-Sébastien Bach material, Consort Brouillamini will make you discover some of the greatest hits of Bach with a new look.
Composed at the origin for various instrumental formations which does not include recorder, thoses masterpieces have been adapted by Brouillamini's musicians.

Over this programm, recorder will call to mind the organ and its equal tone through “l'Art de la fugue”, whereas they will copy the magnitude of a full orchestra and its complex texture in pieces such as the concerto BWV1060.

Transcription is here a way to explore all the technical and expressive ressources of the recorder, and allow the listenner to appreciate this instrument far from its traditionnal bounds.

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