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Consort Brouillamini heads for England with his new program The Woods so Wild recently recorded and invites you to travel over 150 years of music: from William Mundy to Matthew Locke, from Hugh Ashton to Henry Purcell.


Si la noche... is the fruit of an artistic and human encounter with the singer

Marion Grange.

A 100% Spanish Renaissance program intermingling song and consort of recorders.


The Consort Brouillamini invites you to rediscover some of the major works of Johann Sebastian Bach in a new light. Originally composed for various instrumental formations that did not include the recorder, these works have been adapted by the instrumentalists of the ensemble.


Six Nations Championship

The six most flourishing Nations of the Renaissance period struggle over a span of a concert. Italian madrigals, French songs, German dances, Spanish canciones, English masks and Franco-Flemish poliphony will delight your ears. Who will win ? It’s up to you to choose !

Scène 3.png


Consort Brouillamini propose to retrace through this program the evolution that recorder have encountered among time. They will make you discover different aspects of musical practice from early times to nowadays.


Consort Brouillamini wishes to unify thoses two instruments : the recorder and the organ, and surprise the audience with the differences between famous pieces played sometimes at the recorder and at the organ.

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